Falling Fred – Watch out for those obstacles!

On May 10, 2011

The application Falling Fred is definitely not for the ones with¬† feint of heart because the¬† blood is¬† spraying around regularly, but if you’re playing this game perfectly then¬† you’ll not see a drop until the moment before you fail. The perfectly tuned tilt controls¬† used to push and pull Fred around the screen , provides¬† quick overtaking¬† if you flick in a direction or gentle sliding around the screen if you tilt slowly. While there’s no specific rewards implicated for removing Fred’s limbs, removing them will make it easier for you¬† to see what’s coming towards you and it will also give you the opportunity to make perfect maneuvers.



The visuals are minimalistic, but it still  serve the game well because the  hazards are easier to identify. One of the most  impressive thing in this game is the way Fred feels as he rolls, flips, spins  around hazards perfectly depending on how many limbs he has left and whether or not his bones are broken . If you want to get on a harder stage , you will have to travel  a preset distance on the lower difficulties, ensuring that  all the players meet at least a basic skill level before moving on to a faster, deadlier level.
Falling Fred is a simple, amusing¬† addictive game that’s far more detailed than first impressions would assume so why don’t you try it right now.


via @appspy