Fast & Furious – test drive

On May 11, 2011

The Fast & Furious movie  is the hit blockbuster action movie of the year! Your job in this game is to  rule the underground street racing scene as you explodes  through the streets of L.A., Mexico and the Dominican Republic! With this game you can challenge thousands of opponents in online multiplayer mode. Try to  win the challenges you get into because  if you lose, you’ll lose more than your ride!

Fast and furious features :

– from now you get the WiFi Multiplayer mode! Challenge your friends, iPhone against iPhone in live races!
– 7 game modes like : Road Race, Drift Race, Drag Race, GPS Race, Tunnel Run, Pursuit and Evade
РUse iPhone accelerometer controls to control  the cars! This it will be one of the most realistic driving experiences for you  on the iPhone to date!


Рyou got 36 different vehicles to drive which will include  muscle cars, import, exotic, sports and performance cars
Рloads of  camera angles and wonderful visual effects
Р18  levels in 4 environments: Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, Mexico and ultimately the infamous underground tunnels between Mexico and USA
– YouTube replays and connected Cloudcell leaderboards: gives you the posibility to record your own race and upload it
РGhost Racing: Challenge other drivers’ times by downloading their “ghost” from the Cloudcell leaderboard,
РMore connected features: it will automatically post your best times to your Twitter account, connect with your friends and opponents online, manage your Driver’s profile online etc.