Features on the future iOS 6

On May 16, 2012

There has yet to be an official announcement by Apple but the iOS 6 is already in the making and people are expecting a lot of things. This is considering that this version of the iOS will be a major update to the current iOS 5 and thus it is only natural that the company releases a few new major features to the operating system that is being used by millions of devices across the globe.

The details of the iOS 6 remain cloudy but as the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) is nearing, the information leaked about the new iOS seems to be plenty as well. As reported by Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to add features such as photo-sharing and video syncing capabilities to its iCloud online service to the future iOS. Through the iCloud, users can also interact with each other about the photos that have been uploaded by the user. This concept might be the same as a social network albeit exclusive only to Apple users.

In addition to that, it has also been known that Apple is planning to release a web app for notes and reminders on the iCloud and this feature will also see light on the iOS as well due to the integration between the two.