Features that we are looking for on the iPhone 5

On October 2, 2011

We know that it is only two more days till the day Apple talks about iPhone but we can’t help talking about the new features that we anticipate would be available on the iPhone. Instead of giving the usual two, we’ll try and give out a bit more features that we are looking for.

4G: Obviously 4G is the way to go today. Major carriers support it so why shouldn’t the iPhone 5? Internet would be a lot faster with 4G available.

Dual-core Processor: This is a must especially with a lot of its competitors having it. The iPhone is a high-end product and for a high-end product, it must come with a high-end spec, specifically speaking, a dual-core processor which would allow for better processing speed and battery life.

Better battery life: Mugen had successfully created a 1800mAh battery for HTC 7 Mozart yet retained its shape. The result: longer battery life. If Mugen can do it, why can’t Apple? It’d please a lot more people.

Corporate user support: For Apple to further gain the market share, it is a must for them to cater to corporate users. Encrypted iPhone support is one of the many features that is awaited by these people. Come on Apple, we know you can do it.