Features to be Expected on iOS 6

On May 12, 2012

As of date, iPhone users are having fun with their iOS 5 and the latest version of the iOS has certainly been some fun for many. A lot of things have been taken care of on which amongst them includes Siri, multi-tasking, notification center and a few others. Most of the major concerns such as copy and paste have also been implemented. However, that does not mean that the current version of iOS is complete. There might be a lot of changes that will be implemented on the next version, iOS 6 and we are hoping on some of these as well.

One of the features that we are looking forward is a Siri API. As of date, not many applications can use it so hopefully, iOS 6 will change all of that and makes the voice recognition software available for all apps to use. In addition to that, we also hope that widgets can show information at a glance and not having to open up a new app to view them.

Other things include clever third-party communication on which apps can link themselves to a certain file much like Android and Windows Phone. These are just some of the common ones but we hope that Apple do get creative and puts some interesting things on the new iOS as well.