Here are the first 64 built-in and App Store apps available for your Apple Watch

On March 12, 2015


Thanks to the release of WatchKit quite early in September, a bunch of apps for iPhone have already been optimized to work with your Apple Watch. Apple already has around 20 native apps that comes bundles with the watch and 44 installable ones from the App Store, featured on their site.

So here are all the apps currently available for the Apple Watch and the wonderful things they will be able to do.

Native Apple Watch apps


  • With the Messages extension, you will be able to read texts by just raising the arm when you get an alert and respond to them using a preset message, emoji, audio message or a dictated text.
  • Phone calls will vibrate your Apple Watch and you can pick up, talk, change to iPhone or even mute them right from your wrist.
  • Mails also alert you and you can read, flag, Mark it unread or even delete them.


  • Whole of your Calendar live on your Apple Watch and you get notified of events. You’ll also be able to accept or decline invitations.
  • The Activity app will be exclusive the Apple Watch and will track your movements, sit time and exercises. It also gives a graphical representation of your stats and reminders for standing.
  • Workout app is the more exercise oriented app and monitors your workout sessions including time, distance, calories and speed.


  • Maps is one of the most practical uses of the Apple Watch that it not only shows a miniature map of the place but also gives custom vibration alerts at turns so that you can keep going without even glancing your devices.
  • Passbook was shown off at Apple’s event yesterday as you will be able to just show your airline ticket on your wrist, or scan barcodes on your watch to gain your access via passes.
  • Of course, Siri now works with the Hey Siri command and sports all the personal assistant goodies that were used to since the iPhone 4S.


  • Apple Watch can not only control the iTunes Music but also has a 2GB space to pick your own ones for those no-iPhone jogging sessions.
  • The Apple Watch will double as a view finder as well as the remote for your iPhone’s Camera, which I remember reaped a loud round of applause at the September event.
  • Besides, Apple Watch can also replace the pesky silver Remote to your Apple TV as you can navigate menus, browse lists and make selections right on your wrist.


  • Apple Watch also packs a full featured Weather app which gives your an hourly as well as weekly report on the forecast.
  • Apple Watch also has a Stocks app for all those Wall Streeters, which features graphs of performance of stocks over the past day, week and even months.
  • The Photos app on Apple Watch will have 75 megabytes of storage for your most favourite photos.


The Alarm, Stop watch and Timer components of the iPhone clock app are also available on the Apple Watch. These work just as you’d expect from iOS or for any sports watch for the matter. However the visualisation of time here is more like an analog one with dials and needles which gives a classy look than on the iPhones.


A World clock app is also available which lets you check your colleague or friend’s time zones and decide meetings accordingly. You’ll also be able to add favourite locations for easy access rather than searching each time.

And one of the great things is that Apple will allow users to change iPhone and notification Settings right from your wrist. You can toggle Bluetooth, airplane mode, do not disturb and phone profiles.

Apple Watch apps from the App Store


Target app is really cool. It knows your location inside the store and sorts your shopping list accordingly so that you needn’t go around in loops to get your shopping done.

Instagram app for Apple Watch was demoed on Apple’s event as you will be able to see your feed, like photos, get notifications and comment emojis.

With the American Airlines app you’ll receive notification when it’s time for you to leave for the Airport, let’s you check in from your Apple Watch, track your time till arrival and helps you with baggage claim too.


With the SPG Apple Watch app extension, you’ll no longer need a key to enter into your hotel room. You just wave your wrist over the sensor and the door will open for you.

The Nike+ Running app will display your distance, speed and time on your Apple Watch and also helps you compete with friends and listen to workout music.

With the at Bat app, you can follow your favourite team, get match updates, player details, highlights and more.


In case you also happen to own a BMW i model electric car, the BMW i Remote app shows you the charge status, door lock status, service reminders and more.

The Twitter app for Apple Watch lets you get notifications, browse your feed, retweet or favourite good ones and even dictate new tweets.

CityMapper app guides you through the public transport right from your wrist with quickest routes, instructions on catching a train, ETA lists and even notify you of stops on a new city.


Keep track of your reservations and get the navigation details with the OpenTable apps for Apple Watch.

The Evernote app lets you dictate new notes, view recent ones, set reminders and details of upcoming meetings.

TripAdvison apps does what it’s been doing for ages on your Apple Watch too. Find the best places to eat, wonderful sights and tourist destinations right on your smart watch.


NPR One app brings public radio to your Apple Watch and lets you listen to your feed, search for shows, and control the playback.

Get breaking news when it’s still hot with the CNN app. You can view, follow, save or dismiss the story or even get notified when it airs.

Honeywell Lyric app lets you control your compatible smart devices right from your Apple Watch even before the HomeKit is up and running. You can use presets to choose energy saving profiles for your devices which can be activated in a tap.


Green Kitchen app couldn’t be more easier to use now that you have the complete receives, timers and notifications right on your Apple Watch.

The Whole Pantry app provides a similar experience by providing step by step instructions for cooking a dish, timers and reminders.

Strava, one of the first apps which supported Apple’s M8 motion co processor is also not lagging with the Apple Watch as their extension will provide your with real time info like elevation, speed, distance, heart rate and motivations.


Keep track of the upcoming astronomical events with the Sky Guide app which also notifies you for events like meteor shower, international space station fly over and more.

The eBay app can help you with those bids with real time notifications on new auctions and outbids.

Find real estate listings based on your location with the Redfin app. You’ll also get details on price, square footage, number of bedrooms, days on market and you can even record your thoughts.


PayByPhone Parking will be more easier as you can do it by your Watch. You’ll also get notifications 10 minute prior to meter expiration so that you can renew it immediately.

Business analysts will now have access to their stats and graphs right on their wrist with the Salesforce app for the Apple Watch.

Remove all distractions on the iPhone and turn the whole screen into a canvas while all the tools take home on your Apple Watch with the Procreate Pocket app’s extension.


Dark Sky app lets you know if it’ll rain or snow on the coming hour so you can be prepared. You can also get an overview of the weather for rest of the day or even a week.

Shazam also took the stage yesterday as it correctly named the song that was playing during the event and even throwed in the lyrics in sync with the song.

NYTimes app supports handoff also so that you can browse through the latest news on the Apple Watch and continue on another device.


Mayo Clinic Synthesis is for the doctors with Apple Watch as it helps your track your patient on appointment statuses, those in the examination room or even ones waiting to meet.

Track your time of work accurately and create invoices automatically with the Invoice2go app and receive notification when the payment gets made.

Lutron Caseta app lets you control their lights right from your Apple Watch, by switching on and off, dimming or even shutting them down when you leave the house.


Rules! Is a popular game for the iPhone which will extend to your Apple Watch also.

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PlayKids should put an end to your kid’s iPad addiction. You can stop videos, send them message or set reminders from your Apple Watch so that the iPad time is restricted.

Fandango app doesn’t let you book tickets but once you’ve done that if displays reminders, movie times, theatre location and phone number on your Apple Watch.


Citi Mobile app makes it really easy to check your savings, credit card bills and recent transactions, and also notifies you of payment due dates.

Never miss a flight nor scramble for hotel rooms again with the Expedia Apple Watch app. Get notifications on time, gates and terminals at the airport and get booking slot, ratings and locations for hotel bookings.

Pacemaker DJ becomes a personal DJ on your Apple Watch as it mixes tunes automatically or lets you do so, and create an awesome final music.


Lifesum app tracks your food and water intake, gives you feedback and helps you with next meals.

Runtastic is another jogging companion as it displays the speed, duration, calories and more on your smart watch.

Babbel for Apple Watch lets you learn new languages based on the context. For instance, it gives you local terms for departure when you get to an airport,


Amplifi Remote lets you plug your iPhone into the amp and tune your guitar from your Apple Watch.

BoxPop is another puzzle game for the Apple Watch which lets you pop boxes by moving in L shaped paths just like Knights in chess.

CommitTo3 is a relatively new app which doesn’t forget to get an update to work with the Apple Watch. Get reminders, mark as complete and compare with others.


Mint Personal Finance app tracks your income and spending behaviour and pushes weekly notifications on how well you’re sticking to your budget.

Lastly the ESPN app gets you the breaking sports news, latest scores, notification on important wins and more.

So which are your favorite Apple Watch apps?