First images of the iPhone 5S. Are they actually true?

On April 6, 2013

The successor of iPhone 5 is a real hot rumor, and the last picture shows something entirely different from what we got used from Apple in recent years. While most sources talk about an iPhone 5S design almost unchanged from its predecessor, in this image we can see a prototype of a product that seems to resemble more like an oversized iPod Nano, which gives the design for squarer lines more easily slipped into the pocket.

If rumors are true, the next iPhone model could have a mobile curved screen, covering frame edges so that the side buttons to be represented and exchanged virtual depending on the application that we run.

Surprisingly or not, the new information fits with the promises made by a registered patent that Apple recently proposed of curved screen phones that cover the entire carcass.

The new design is in contradiction with Apple trends to date, in which the manufacturer prefers squares shapes precisely because it favored the inclusion of physical buttons and connectors in a small space, allowing compact phone without compromising connectivity options and additional buttons useful to the user.

Of course, we must not exclude that these images are simply false, or the prototype of a new Apple product remained unknown until now.