First iPhone worm attacked Jailbroken iPhone Users

On November 13, 2009

As reported by iPhone Users on Whirpool Forums that their iPhone have been infected by an iPhone worm. Their current wallpaper on iPhone had changed to a picture of the 80s singer, Rick Astley. Security firm Intego has identified this new worm as ‘iPhone/Privacy.A‘.

Rick Astley on Infected iPhones

Currently, no confirmed reports from outside Australia about this worm. This worm is exploiting Jailbroken iPhone with SSH installed and unchanged default root password. Once your iPhone has been infected, this worm scan network, find other iPhones with SSH daemon running, then attempt to exploit default password to spread itself.

iPhone worm spreading
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So, if any of the following list is not applied to you, you won’t get infected by ‘iPhone/Privacy.A‘.

– Jailbroken iPhone.
– SSH Daemon (SSHD) running
– Default root password

However, if all the checklists were applied to you, then you are advised to change the default root password of your iPhone.