Fitness App for iPhone and iPod is being designed by Apple

On April 29, 2011

Hey iPhone Users, do you love going to the gym center or just have a plan to do so? Currently, there are a few great fitness-related apps on iTunes app store, but they are going to loose their fans soon, I guess. Because Apple is currently working to build a great fitness app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

According to Patently Apple, US Patent & Trademark published a patent application from Apple for Fitness Center App, yesterday.

on April 28, 2011, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals various aspects of a newly advanced Fitness Center App that they have been working on for some time now.
While Apple’s app is uniquely their own, they appear to be consulting with or at least including Nike into their program as one illustration lists “The Nike Training Club Class.” Apple’s Fitness Center App is well designed to cover all aspects of a workout including stats gathered from next generation smart equipment right down to the inclusion of a unique social networking component that will work within a particular fitness center or within your city limits to help you find a workout buddy and/or to stir on competition to get you motivated. Apple’s new fitness center app is designed to work with your iPhone or iPod touch to provide you with realtime stats to keep you informed and on track.

Of course, this won’t be an usual fitness app.

Fitness App by Apple

This Apple’s fitness app will have great features that current fitness apps currently do not have. Fitness App by Apple will be suitable for new and existing gym’s customer. You will see basic guide, functions to motivate a customer to join the fitness center, provide in-gym motivation, and post workout motivation, schedule reminder, workout buddy finder, find personal trainer, iPhone and iPod as all-in-one device for fitness requirements.

Fitness App by Apple

In figure 2, you will see interactive menu in Apple’s fitness app such as:

  • Where is the nearest gym?
  • Is my personal trainer free next Tuesday?
  • How many calories was that?
  • Is there a lunchtime yoga class?
  • Where can I find a workout buddy?
  • Am I improving?
  • Who’s on top of the leaderboard?
  • How do I use this piece of equipment?

This interactive menu won’t be a boring app for iPhone and iPod Touch users, make senses to motivate and keep the workout on schedule.

Another great features of Apple fitness app is the integrated application which could connect to a mapping application to provide directions to the fitness center; allow the user to enter payment information (e.g., credit card information) to pay membership fees or pay for sessions with a fitness trainer; purchase food and drinks (e.g., a power bar, water, or other consumables offered for sale in a store of the fitness center); purchase workout attire for sale in a store of the fitness center – or pay for any other suitable items.

In figure 3, as you can see there are several diagram for different situations, New Customers, Getting There (the gym), in the gym, and post workout.

All in one fitness requirements in one gadget, Apple’s iPhone and iPad, right?

Fitness App by Apple

You may also find personal trainer, get promotions and coupons from the gym center, scheduler, workout buddy finder, and social networking between workout buddies.

More features as explained with detail by Patently Apple

What a great design, however, we can try out the fitness app by Apple yet.
Stay tune to get updates when this Apple’s great fitness app released.