Fix iTunes Error: 'An unknown error occurred (13019)'

On November 13, 2009

Here are solution if you get error message in iTunes: ‘An unknown error occurred (13019)‘, when you are trying to sync your iPhone OR iPod,

– Delete Voice memos in your iPhone and iTunes. Then try sync your iPhone OR iPod again. It should works.
Voice memos is causing the error (13019).

If you don’t want to delete your voice memos.
– Un-check voice memos in Music tab in iTunes. Then it will not sync the voice memos to iPhone.
Fix error on 13019 iPhone

– Some people also success to fix error 13019 by uncheck the music tab in iTunes, then sync it. When done, re-check the music tab in iTunes, and re-sync.

– If none of those options work, try to restore your iPhone (backup all data before do this).