How-to Fix "Cannot Start TSS Service, hosts is not writeable"

On March 10, 2011

Cannot Start TSS Service
C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts is not writeable!

This error appears whenever you clicked the “Start TSS Server” on TinyUmbrella. Why TinyUmbrella cannot start TSS service? TinyUmbrella needs administrator privileges to start TSS Server.

Q: Why does TinyUmbrella require administrator privileges?
A: TinyUmbrella does two things which require admin rights:

* Modifies your hosts file
* Listens on port 80 of your local machine

When you run TinyUmbrella using a standard user account, it’s the reason why TinyUmbrella’s server is not running.

Cannot Start TSS Service hosts file

How-to make C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts writeable and let TinyUmbrella’s TSS Service running smoothly?

  • On Windows
  • Run TinyUmbrella as Administrator (or ask your administrator to have permission editing hosts file for your user account). Restart TinyUmbrella to Start TSS Server again.

  • On Mac
  • Run TinyUmbrella as Super User (root). You may use sudo command. Restart TinyUmbrella to Start TSS Server again.