Fix zlib1.dll is missing

On March 6, 2011

The program can’t start because zlib1.dll is missing from your
computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Having this error while running fixrecovery or TinyUmbrella on your Windows?
When the ‘fix recovery’ or TinyUmbrella cannot find zlib1.dll, they will try to locate zlib1.dll file on any possible places. If the zlib1.dll file cannot be found, this error will comes up.

zlib1.dll is missing, zlib1.dll not installed, zlib1.dll not found, how-to fix these errors?

Follow these simple steps to fix “zlib1.dll is missing

Download zlib1.dll from this page:

Place it in the same folder as fixrecovery or TinyUmbrella (depend on where the error comes from)

(zlib1.dll file could alternatively be copied to the SYSTEM or the SYSTEM32 folders, should work the same)