Flashcard Exchange presents Mental Case

On December 14, 2008

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Developer’s Notes:
Flashcard Exchange brings you Mental Case, the premium flash card application for your iPhone/iPod touch. Use it to learn a language, memorize trivia, or study for an exam.??Enter flash cards on your Mac, and sync them to your iPhone to study on the go, or download flash cards from the World’s largest online repository FlashcardExchange.com (16 million flashcards!) directly to your iPhone/iPod touch.??

FEATURES OF MENTAL CASE LITE- Transfer flashcards to your iPhone/iPod touch from Mental Case for Mac OS X- Supports images and text in flashcards- Browse or search for flashcards on Flashcard Exchange- Study flashcards in full-screen slideshows- Landscape slideshow mode- Automatically prepared lessons (Only in combination with Mental Case for Mac OS X)??FEATURES OF MENTAL CASE In addition to the features of Mental Case Lite, the full edition of Mental Case for iPhone/iPod touch includes the following:- Create and edit flashcards directly on your iPhone/iPod touch- Download flashcards directly from FlashcardExchange.com. (This means Linux and Windows users can also use Mental Case for iPhone/iPod touch.)- Sync new flashcards from your iPhone/iPod touch back to your Mac- Take photos on the iPhone for use in your flashcards??

HOW TO SYNC (MAC) In order to sync Mental Case with a Mac, you will need access to a wireless (airport) network, and a copy of Mental Case for Mac OS X. You can download a free 30-day trial of Mental Case for Mac OS X at https://www.macflashcards.com??

HOW TO SYNC (LINUX AND WINDOWS) If you don’t have a Mac, you can use the full-edition of Mental Case for iPhone/iPod touch to download flash cards you have created on FlashcardExchange.com. (Note that at this time you cannot upload flash cards created on your iPhone.)??Windows and Linux users can test Mental Case Lite with sample data to decide if they would like to upgrade to the full-edition of Mental Case.