Flipboard for Android Review and apk Download

On April 3, 2013
Screenshot of Flipboard for Android

Flipboard for Android

As we reported earlier, Flipboard for Android has been leaked and now this application is available for all Android users. Although

this is not an official release and some users have reported some bugs, you can download Flipboard to check that its main features work perfectly well. Of course there are a few understandable fringes to polish, but we have test it on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and we are very satisfied with Flipboard for Android.

But, what’s Flipboard? Flipboard is a free application that shows the latests news and updates of your social networks in a magazine style with a gorgeous design. And thanks to Google Reader integration you can read your favorite RSS feeds too.

If you ever wondered to edit your own magazine to read just the contents that you really wanted, Flipboard is for you. Magazine content customization is on your hands. The set up is very easy, specially the first time you open Flipboard: select your topics, add your social network accounts and voilà! Now, cross your legs, put a snob grim on your face and began to slide up your finger on the screen as you did it when you thumbed trough a magazine (but please, don’t lick your finger!).

Flipboard highlights your feeds with attractive titles and pictures in a glossy magazine glam. You can just whip through the headlines or click to read more inside the same application. That is a simple but very good feature because you don’t need to wait to open a browser and when you finish the article you don’t need to close it and go back to Flipboard: you just swipe your finger on the screen and the headlines are there again… like when you flip pages on a magazine.

Among the best features of Flipboard we want to highlight the amazing integration with other applications. Not only the content provider ones (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, 500px,…), but specially the “read later” applications. Imagine that you are running short on time but you have spotted an interessting article… just select your “more…” options icon, click on “read later”, select the app where you want to send it (Instapaper – although it does not exist as Android App-, Pocket – formerly known as Read it later – an Readability) and… read it later. Well… it’s a nice feature, but it’s not placed in a very intuitive location.

Summarizing: Flipboard is a fun and light way to read your feeds and social updates, share this information and publish new statuses.