(App Review) Flugtap Pro Lite – Flight For Your Pleasure

On May 26, 2011

Flugtap Pro Lite is a funny application when your main objective is to flight for your pleasure! You need to prepare yourself for a great way of entertainment. Hilarious flights with this free application on your iPhone. You can fly with your own designed plain across those cartoon-styled graphics and enjoy this experience with some pretty cool sound effects.

Flugtap Pro Lite contains 5 airplane designs with the awesome feature to mix all of their parts. You can open their designs, mix all of their parts as you wish and build your own designed plane. But be careful, along your way through your adventure, you need to tap on those birds to gain money to upgrade your plane. Be the best one who played this game and receive more bonuses and awesome upgrades to continue flying and break the record all by yourself. If you encounter some problems you can always call the Game Center support and they will fix everything. You can also compete with other players.

Pay attention and don’t forget to tap as many birds as you can to receive extra money so you can fly further.

This is a wonderful way to relax and forget about everything for short while. You can’t know what to expect when you download the game but wait till you play it. It’s awesome! You can also receive information about the distance, money and also the trapped birds directly on your screen during gameplay.