Food Apps Reviewed By A “Foody”- We Welcome Elana

On July 1, 2008

We know that among the first new apps coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch are cool little food-related native programs like Chef and GroceryZen.

When it comes to food the best things I make are… reservations.

Clearly the right person to review food, shopping, menu and restaurant apps is a true "Foody".

That why we are excited to welcome Elana to What’s On iPhone.

A die-hard “foody”, Elana is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health. As a culinary consultant specializing in natural/whole/organic foods, Elana works one-on-one with individuals and families who are challenged with dietary restrictions and/or food allergies and those just wishing to eat healthier.

Elana will be reporting on all food related iPhone applications- from menus and shopping lists to diets and restaurant guides.  As our resident “guru” she will opine about her likes and dislikes as they pertain to, what we believe will no doubt be, the deluge of apps for both enlightened gastronomists and uninformed home cooks.

Elana will also be sharing her journey as newbie iPhone user (beginning July 11th).  Her past devices have included the Star-Tac (her favorite flip phone), Blackjack, Nokia and every Palm available (her hands-down favorite PDA).