Founders of Twilio, Indiephone, Pinterest, ready to inspire you at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam

On April 4, 2014
Always roaming the web to find the best resources for mobile developers, we’ve came across The Next Web Conference, which will take place in Amsterdam in less than three weeks. The lineup is stellar and there are quite a few talks aimed at the mobile development professionals. See a few of them below:
Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 6.37.01 PM

Aral Balkan / Founder, Indie Phone

Aral is an experience designer working to bring design thinking to open source. He is the founder and lead designer of Indie Phone, a phone built around the notion of experience?driven open technology that empowers mere mortals to own their own data. Aral is invited to talk about technologies and mobile developments that help users own their own data.

Jeff Lawson

Jeff Lawson / Co-founder, Twilio

Jeff is co-founder and CEO of Twilio, where he brings over 10 years of entrepreneurial product leadership experience. Before Twilio, Jeff served as Product Manager for Amazon Web Services, and has held founding executive roles for NineStar, and He will talk about the end of telco’s and the rise of software driven companies.

Evan Sharp

Evan Sharp / Co-founder, Pinterest

 Evan is the co-founder of Pinterest, where he leads all design efforts. A former architect, Evan finds inspiration from pinning interesting maps, science facts, architecture, vacation plans, and fonts for his design projects. Before Pinterest, Evan worked at Facebook as a product designer. He’ll talk about how they developed the grid that is the base for their success.

Also, check out their full list of speakers and see which startups will be around as well.