Frash Tweak shows _abort() food.c:43 and unexpected error on flash content

On May 23, 2011

_abort() food.c:43 on Frash
_abort() food.c:43 on flash content.

unexpected error on Frash
unexpected error on flash content.

After installing Adobe Flash on iOS platform for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad using frash, you can simply tap the flash content to see it. But instead loads and display the flash content in safari, frash displaying either _abort() food.c:43 or unexpected error on the “flash” block content.

What error is abort food? unexpected error?
How-to fix _abort() food.c:43? How-to fix unexpected error?

Unfortunately, there is no fix for frash when displaying _abort() food.c or unexpected error. Frash for iOS 4.2.1, and 4.3.x and above have not available yet. If you think downgrading the firmware is an option to make frash working properly, you may do so. (see: How-to downgrade iPhone Firmware using TinyUmbrella or Cydia) that offering to be cydia repo for Frash already asked comex about updating the current frash version to be compatible with iOS 4.2.x and newer.

BENM.AT: Frash is a great tweak for Safari, do you plan to develop on a new version that is to make it compatible with the new iOS 4.2.x?

Comex: I’m not working on right now-frash might do it after this jailbreak is ready.

While waiting frash to be updated, you may see other alternatives to enable adobe flash content on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.