Free Apple Bumper Case Here We Come…

On July 16, 2010

To be perfectly honest, we think that giving away the bumper case for free as Apple announced today was the least they could do.  But amid all of the media attention this problem was getting over the past few weeks, I’m surprised that Apple didn’t do this ‘simple’ fix earlier, and that it took a press conference to announce the free giveaway.

Steve Jobs today said. "“Most of the customers that own iPhone 4’s think it’s the coolest thing they’ve ever owned.  I apologise to them. We will do whatever it takes to make them happy”.

He also added that Apple would refund the money to anyone who already bought the case and would refund money to users who bought their phones if they wanted to return them.  The cost of issuing free bumper cases is much less than a recall of the iPhone 4.

Steve claimed that it was a little over half a percent of people who had called Apple’s support line to complain about the problem and that it had been blown way out of proportion in the media.  Lets see a little over half a percent of 3 million (our estimated guess how many have sold so far) is about 15,000 complaints.  That would tie up our lines for sure. 🙂

Steve spent some time talking about how all cell phones experience the same antenna problems the iPhone 4 had to some extent, and that they were finally compelled to do something about it when Consumer Reports issued their report.  Apple was "stunned, upset and embarrassed", said Steve.

So I guess if you still haven’t picked up a case or want a free bumper case (still not protecting your exposed glass back), then go to your local Apple store and get one before September (when they officially stop giving them away, or maybe a new hardware update fixes the problem)!