Free Apps For iPhone Camera To Take Beautiful Pictures

On June 6, 2013

Although the iPhone camera works well and allows you to take pictures of excellent quality, with some applications you can take even more beautiful pictures or otherwise different from the standard ones, thanks to several instruments in direct and special effects filters or special post production.

On this occasion, we don’t talk about iPhone apps that edit photos with filters such as Flickr or Instagram already listed in another article, but of free apps that are there to replace the main camera app to take better pictures.

1) Snapbucket is an application created by the same Photobucket, known site for photographs.

You can take a new photo or choose one from the gallery to customize it with filters, effects, frames and other tools. Snapbucket also has a predefined set to quickly apply special filters. To take full advantage of everything that Snapbucket has to offer, you have to optionally create a free account on the Photobucket site.

2) Double Awesome, developed by another famous portal of photographs, SmugMug, provides a great level camera for iPhone.

When you use the application, from the top you can choose a different grid to take better pictures. Also there are so many effects and filters and a stabilizing function of the camera. Another feature is the ability to touch the screen to lock focus and exposure, which can be very useful for group shots or with many moving parts on the screen. After taking a picture with the Awesomize button is possible to optimize, crop and apply colored filters. The Awesome camera also works well on the iPad.

3) And finally Camera360, although is an application that takes panoramic pictures, can also be used for taking normal pictures using a different interface rich in effects and customization options.

Note the excellent quality of the HRD function capable of performing several consecutive faster shots. Then there is the face of the framed people, to make the photo more fun and to create photo collages. Camera360 is definitely the most complete application that, in addition to being free, you can really use it instead of the default one.