Free (For Now) – Story Chain

On October 7, 2008

Released two days ago, Story Chain (normally $.99) is FREE for the next two days.

Story Chain is a social-networking writing app. What is a social-networking writing app??? With it you can…

Write short stories with friends and strangers around the world! Add one to three lines to the story as it is passed from story teller to story teller. Make the characters and situations funny, scary, suspenseful, mysterious, gossipy, fantastical- whatever you like. The best part is you never know what twists and turns your creation will take and how your story will end. At the end of 1000 characters your story will be automatically closed and saved to be called up on the story viewer whenever you like and a new story will begin. Let your imagination run wild!!

A video tutorial is available HERE.

You can get it HERE in the App Store.