Free Web Storage and App From FilesAnywhere

On April 18, 2009

Online storage is dirt cheap these days but it doesn’t come any cheaper than this. FilesAnywhere is an online storage service that comes complete with its own iPhone app. They offer 1GB of online storage that won’t expire after an introductory period and remains yours so long as you log into your account once every two months.

Not a bad deal. Details, and a warning, after the break…



The app desctription explains the deal in detail…

With this FilesAnywhere app you can view, share and manage your remote files directly from your iPhone. Share files and folders with anyone without any download, upload photos and contacts, and manage your files, wherever you go! In one click you have access to all of your remote folders and files, including folders shared from other FilesAnywhere users.

Use the optional Windows or Mac client app to sync your desktop files to, or just use the website from any computer, then easily access your files from the iPhone.

COMPLETELY FREE: this app and a 1GB account at are FREE! This is not a trial! You only have to login once every two months to keep your free account. No advertising, no spyware, no spam. You are encouraged to upgrade to larger plans, available online from 2GB to 500GB, as well as multi-user workgroup plans.

Features: • Automatic Login• View FilesAnywhere folders and files, including photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets and more, directly from your iPhone. Zoom-in/zoom-out of documents and photos.• Upload files from your iPhone, including your iPhone photos and contacts.• Collaborate from your iPhone in seconds. Share your files or folders to any email address or iPhone contact, with no downloading and no email attachment!• Instantly access folders shared to you from other FilesAnywhere users.• Download files from your FilesAnywhere account to your iPhone. Access the downloaded files later, from an “iPhone Files” local storage tab.• Manage your FilesAnywhere account from your iPhone, including New Folder, Rename, Delete, Move, Copy and View Properties.

If your online storage needs are small this is a great option but… don’t rely TOO heavily on it. In the past few months I’ve watched as two web services I had tried, IWantSandy and Kwiry, went bye-bye. They have taught me one important lesson- use and enjoy startup web services but don’t rely too heavily on them as they may or may not be around tomorrow. You’ve been warned.

Get it HERE.