Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

On July 22, 2013

Below you can find the questions that each Apple user had or still haves sometime.

1. How to put music on my iDevice?

With iTunes you can put the songs you want, make playlists, etc.

2. What is iTunes?

iTunes is Apple written program designed for easy exchange of information between your computer and iDevice using sync.

3. What is sync?

Sync is actually short for synchronization the process of making data transfer between PC and your iDevice, a process that includes a back-up of important information from your iDevice into your computer.

4. What’s AppStore?

AppStore is Apple’s application store through which they are selling iPhone applications. It can be accessed both from iTunes and your phone.

5. What is jailbreak?

Jailbreak process involves the use of software programs with which the phone allowing any application installation and customization of any kind. Can only Jailbreak iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch.

6. What is tethered jailbreak?

Tethred jailbreak is basically a semi-jailbreak. What is this? Jailbreak  normally means files hacking to control the phone system as an administrator. Normal jailbreak is done once and not be repeated until the restore process. Tethered jailbreak means that this process must be repeated at every restart and can be made using special tools (in this case blackra1n is enough).

7. What is Cydia?

Cydia is like the AppStore but only by the fact that you can download apps from it. The similarities stop there. Unlike AppStore, Cydia is where applications are introduced that use the facilities offered by the jailbreak and that Apple does not recommend or recognize them nor accept them in the AppStore. In Cydia there are the apps, themes, ring tones, SMS tones to patch’s that change the way the phone works. Cydia can only be used to jailbreak and installed only after the jailbreak.

8. What is unlock?

Unlock or lock involves the ability to use your phone with any operator.

9. Can I unlock any iPhone?

No, you can’t. It really depends what version of baseband you have and if it is unlocked. To see the Baseband version you enter Settings, General, About and look at the Modem Firmware. If your baseband is decoded then install Ultrasn0w from Cydia app.

10. What is baseband?

Simplified baseband handles the signal, network, operator. Any update to baseband can lead to signal loss. Updates can be avoided using PwnageTool. Be very careful when doing a restore of the phone if you are not careful you can get stuck with a locked phone for nobody knows how long.

11. What is Ultrasn0w?

Ultrasn0w is a software which unlocks your phone. Can be installed from Cydia repo but only after the jailbreak.

12. What is neverlocked?

Neverlocked is the term used for a factory unlocked iPhone, which was not blocked ever by any mobile operator network.

13. How do I jailbreak my iDevice’s?

First you have to see which version of iOS you have on your iDevice. Then, depending on the firmware that you have, search the web for a jailbreak tutorial tutorial of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Each iOS jailbreak process is different.

14. What is iOS?

iOS is the operating system of your iDevice’s. There are several versions of iOS, 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and so on. To see exactly which version of iOS you have to go into Settings, General, About and look at Version.

15. What is activation?

Activation is the process by which software phone connects to Apple’s server, while providing access to the phone. Activation is required to unlock the phone functions.

16. How to put cracked apps on your iDevice?

The simplest method is to install the Installous from Cydia repo Will not say more because I do not encourage piracy.

If you have any further questions worth for this list please leave a comment. This list will be constantly updated.