Fring and Skype No Longer Compatible

On July 12, 2010

Well that was short lived.  Just a week ago, Fring users could easily connect to Skype and anyone with the new iPhone 4 could happily video chat with other users on Android, Symbian, or other iPhone users over WiFi or 3G.

Those days are over.  Didn’t take long either, first Fring had to limit the use of Skype due to network constraints on their end, and now it seems that Skype is stopping Fring users from access to their network.  It also seems that Skype is threatening to take Fring to court!

Fring seems to have touched a nerve over there at Skype HQ.  Too bad, since this really just hurts all the users in the end.

What happened to everyone supporting open standards and just getting along?!