Frisbee forever – a frisbee tossing game

On May 10, 2011

One of the most exciting  outdoor summer games can now be played all season round and indoors and that will be the  new Frisbee Forever app made by Kiloo for Apple devices.

You maybe heard about¬† Kiloo before as they are not new to the app store because they already provided the apps Whac-a-Mole, Zenses Rainforest and more. Their new app is about¬† Frisbee tossing and it¬† can be done wherever you are , even if you are in the lounge, or in a car or even on a plane because you won’t be able to do¬† any¬† damage .



Frisbee Forever is a bit  similar with  Angry Birds when it comes to the fingertip sized Frisbee controls and also the graphics used this game use, though it isn’t as addictive apparently.

Anyway  if you  own  an iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone ,then you may wish to give it a try for yourself. You can download for free !

via @fixtwit