Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound Review

On January 5, 2012

Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound

We will try to compare is between Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound. Those two smartphone has its own plus point, though it seems that one of them got the latest feature inside. It might be a way too far to catch up the one, or they can compete though they have different class technology. One significant different on Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound is on the OS on them. Galaxy Nexus seems to have the latest OS of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich than HTC Rezound only got the current Android that mostly used in 2011 Android 2.3 Gingerbread. These two different technologies might make a big different between these two smartphone. That later make one of them looks crystal clear better than the other. On the design we will find that Galaxy Nexus will have a slimmer design than HTC Rezound though Galaxy Nexus has a wider display screen. It seems that both smartphone have the same color, black; as the dominant color that cover their case.

Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound is distinguished with their different version of OS, that Galaxy Nexus got the better Android OS with Android Ice Cream Sandwich than HTC Rezound that still used the previous Android Gingerbread. On the dimension we will also find that Galaxy Nexus have a thinner design than the HTC Rezound. That both actually measure as follow, Galaxy Nexus has 135.5 x 67.94 x 9.47 mm and HTC Rezound has 129 x 65.5 x 13.65 mm. we can see that they have a big difference on the number of their thickness. Also on the weight of both smartphone, Galaxy Nexus got a lighter weight with only 150 g than HTC Rezound that got 170 g on the weight. This makes Galaxy Nexus a lightweight smartphone with its wide screen. We also have wider 4.65” display screen on the Galaxy Nexus that also supported with a better technology in its display with Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display. On the other hand, HTC Rezound only has a 4.30 display screen that supported with S-LCD. Definitely that Super AMOLED will give a better display than the S-LCD. However, both of them got the same 720 x 1280 pixels resolution. What we have on the Galaxy Nexus that cannot be found on the HTC Rezound is the scratch-resistant glass that guards the Galaxy Nexus screen. The other difference between Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound is on the internal memory capacity. Galaxy Nexus has 32GB, but HTC Rezound only has 16GB. Both smartphone share almost the same hardware specification. They have the same dual-core processor, but Galaxy Nexus only supported with 1.2GHz and HTC Rezound supported with 1.5GHz. They also have different chipset. Galaxy has TI OMAP 4460, on the other hand HTC has Qualcomm MSM8660. This time, HTC Rezound got a better camera resolution with 8MP on the back 1.3MP on the front. Galaxy Nexus only got 5MP on the back and 1.3MP on the front.

Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound Video by PhoneArena

Between Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound we can clearly make a choice regarding which one is better. With its latest OS, Galaxy Nexus is expected to have a better performace. On the other hand HTC Rezound has a better camera, though it is not supported with the latest OS that will give you a better display. The other thing on Galaxy Nexus Vs HTC Rezound that makes Galaxy Nexus better is that Galaxy Nexus will probably cost more affordable with $299.99 with contract that predicted to have a lowest price off-contract than HTC Rezound with $650 off-contract.