Gameloft heightens Modern Combat 4 experience with new guns, maps and modes in Meltdown update [video]

On June 18, 2013

modern-combat-4Gameloft released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Meltdown update of Modern Combat 4, which introduces new and more exciting features to look forward to in the Gameloft’s popular first-person shooter. The Meltdown update has new weapons, maps and game modes.

There are two new weapons: the SFS CTK-12, which is a sniper rifle; and the 40mm Thor GLP, which is a small grenade launcher. The new maps are three: Extraction, Fracture, and Backfire. There is also one new specialization, dubbed Demolition.

Gameloft has announced that the release date for the Modern Combat 4’s Meltdown update is June 19. This update is expected to be free for existing users and the last of Modern Combat 4’s updates. Modern Combat 5 will be the one making its debut next.