General Mobile e-tab 32GB Specs and Price

On January 6, 2012

General Mobile e-tab 32GBGeneral Mobile e-tab 32GB is Another tablet that started to be published on December 2011. This tablet seems to try to get the market as the tablet is on its good sale recently. The vendor that builds this tablet seems do not have any sure date to publish this tablet officially. Though the information of the hardware specifications and features of this tablet can be changed anytime, the leaked picture of this tablet is already published on the internet. We will see that this tablet has black as the dominant color that covers up the case of General Mobile e-tab 32GB. Since the classification on the tablet is lately divided into 10” and 7”, the size of the General Mobile e-tab 32GB display screen that only 8.90 inches might make this tablet included to 9” tablet.

Though General Mobile e-tab 32GB has not been published officially, we already had the number of its dimension. This tablet will measure 9.37 x 6.42 x 0.39 inches (237.9 x 163.1 x 10mm). 10 mm on its thickness make this tablet quite slim, though we have more than 500 g on its weight. It actually weighs 19.40 oz or 550 g that got the weight higher than the average weight. On display screen, we will have actually 8.90 inches capacitive touchscreen display that still with no further information whether it has the technology that support the display screen. However, we have the number of the resolution of this tablet. 768 x 1280 pixels resolution will be the highest resolution on this tablet. On the battery, it will be available with 6000 mAh. A single-core 1GHz with cortex A8 chipset will be the processor that runs this device. It will also be supported with 512MB RAM that give a faster performance. What we will get on this tablet is only Android 2.3 that we usually have on a smartphone instead of a tablet. General Mobile e-tab 32GB will have 32GB on the internal memory. The other feature on General Mobile e-tab 32GB is the single camera that available with 1.3MP resolution.

General Mobile e-tab 32GB seems to be a newcomers tablet with a new brand that come on the transition year of 2011 to 2012. Though General Mobile e-tab 32GB is a newcomer tablet, it has a quite good quality on its stuff inside. General Mobile e-tab 32GB will be found with $339.99 for its price.