Get In The Spirit With Rudolph Cam for your iOS Device

On December 23, 2010

It’s that time a year and for many of you out there that means the need to send out the annual Christmas cards and well wishes. In this age though who has the time to write out the physical Christmas card every year for however many people you know. Not me for one. Looking for solutions to my lazy nature of not wanting to write something out and having my iOS device handy at all times I decided to check out the App Store and see what was around that might be able to assist me in my needs. I came across the Rudolph Cam by Oceanhouse Media. It’s an app that lets you create Christmas cards using characters from the classic Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer TV special. I chose this app because of the significant presence of Rudolph in my childhood and watching it multiple times a year with my family during the holiday season. I believe it was a good choice.

After purchasing the application and downloading it I fired it up for the first time to browse around and see what I can do with this application. When it comes up you are given a list of 25 different “cards” to use. Scrolling through them, there are a lot of characters and head cutouts of the Rudolph universe. Once you select your card image you’re given the option of either taking a new photo to fit into the image or cutout or to go through your library and select a previous photo from your library to use. Once you have chosen the photo you want to use you can pinch or rotate the photo for a final fitting on your card before moving onto sending it. You have the option of posting your card to Twitter and Facebook along with emailing and saving the card locally. Fairly straight forward and easy way to share your Christmas wishes.

This application is perfect for a simple quick fix to getting some kind of Christmas card out to friends and family. You have a lot of options of cards to choose from the Rudolph cast and the option to buy other card images from properties such as Dr Seuss’ The Grinch. The applications price makes it a bargain at under $2, you can’t go wrong spreading some cheer for that little amount of money. I would give this application my endorsement or seal of approval if I had such things. As a geek who is a kid at heart though you have my guarantee of an enjoyable time with this Christmas card application.

  • Features –                        4/5 Stars
  • User Interface –             4/5 Stars
  • Ease of use –                    4/5 Stars
  • Pricing –                            5/5 Stars
  • Personal Opinion –      5/5 Stars
  • Overall Score –               4/5 Stars