Get rid of the most annoying problems of iOS 7 and iPhone 5S

On October 7, 2013

iphone-5s errr
None of the iOS versions was perfect. At least at first. And the new iOS 7 has some weird bugs. And iPhone 5s doesn’t escape the criticism of those who put a lot of money for it. Here are the most annoying problems and how you can get rid of them:

Weak battery

If your phone has discharged too soon, we have some tips for a better battery. Try to disable the effect of Parallax depth. Login to Settings > General > Accessibility and activate the “Shake reduction”. This option will also ease the headaches from the animation data in iOS 7. You can disable location services (Settings > Privacy > Location Services). Still not enough? Stop the automatic brightness option (Settings > Brightness and Wallpaper)

iMessage Error

iMessage can let you down just when the day is dearer to you. Many users complained that not all can use iMessage service from iOS 7. If this happened to you, try first to restart the device. If it’s still not working, stop it all and use normal SMS (Settings > General> Reset > Reset Network Settings). Most likely, Apple will solve the problem in the next patch.


Some are going to be disconnected frequently in applications such as Mailbox and Snapchat. It seems that the blame would be for automatical refresh from the background. Unfortunately, the only solution is to wait for the application developers to make updates.

Keyboard Works With Delay

Upgrading to iOS 7 can cause lags, especially in older generations. If you happen to have large delay, first try to reset the settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings). In case this does not solve the problem, you could try to stop and start syncing with iCloud. Keep resetting the phone as a last resort.