Getting Back To Quality iPhone Apps- News Of The Day

On May 1, 2009


There was a bit of welcome news from Bloomberg media today… maybe, just maybe the days of crApps flooding into the App Store is soon over. According to the article-

Phone developers, who flocked to Apple Inc.’s App Store in search of a quick profit, are finding it’s getting more difficult to come up with breakout hits.

With more than 35,000 applications now available for the iPhone, consumers are more discerning about what apps they download. A new version of the iPhone operating system due for release in the next few months will have users clamoring for even more sophisticated programs, said Chris James, who runs SnapDat Networks Inc., an iPhone app company in New York.

“The early apps that came out had a distinct advantage because there weren’t a lot of them to compete for attention,” said James, a former Wall Street trader. Now, “you better have a high-quality app or don’t even try.”

There’s more…

The fierce competition within the App Store AND with emerging app stores is making it less and less profitable for people to submit crappy apps they have quickly thrown together. As the article put it…

“The competition on the App Store now is rather fierce — if you get a bad review, you’re headed for obscurity,” said Mike Westby, founder of TimeStream Software in Portland, Oregon, which has sold thousands of travel-planning guides for Disney theme parks. “If someone believes they can develop a shallow, yet flashy app, post it to the App Store and then sit back and wait for revenue to roll in, they’re in for a surprise.”

The result? There is a growing incentive for developers to put in the time and thought to make a GREAT app and there is a natural disincentive for people to submit crApp. In the end.. we, the end-users, will win. Sometimes the free market IS a good thing.