16 gifts for mobile geeks

On April 17, 2014

Invited our friends from Geefts to curate a list of gift ideas for mobile enthusiasts. Did we miss anything? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

hipKey Tracking Device and App

hip key

The hipKey ($89) is a high tech way of keeping track of your valuables. Simply attach the device to the item of your choice and your ready to go. Made of a sculpted one-piece anodises aluminium ring surrounded by high-quality plastic parts, its sleek oval form fits perfectly in your palm or pocket.

HEX Core Case for iPhone 5/5S

Hex Core

At HEX not even a phone case is just a phone case. The Core Case for iPhone 5 & 5s will, of course, give you increased protection for your phone, but it will do it from a custom molded phone bed wrapped in a premium, water resistant, waxed canvas. Camera hole and genuine HEX badging – accept nothing less.

 Gadgetz Amplifier Stand


Turn the volume up with our Gadgetz™ Amplifier Stand! The unique shapes amplifies sounds on your phone. Works with a variety of phones including iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S. It’s super lightweight and can fit in any pocket or purse. Pull it out at picnics or barbecues and let the music play. A perfect stand for watching videos and movies! Approx. 3” in size. Colors include red, blue and orange. 12 stands per pack.

G – Pad


Now you can enjoy to play all GBA4ios games with G-pad ($13) on your iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, iPod touch 5th Gen and iPad mini. The iPhone, iPod touch or iPad mini game controller you always wanted. Whether in the air, on the road, or between classes, G-pad opens a new world of mobile gaming with style controls.

LG Pocket Photo Mobile Printer


This Pocket Photo ($119) from LG is a smart and wireless mobile printer. It’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but also powerful enough to let you print crystal clear pictures with rich colors and incredible detailing that’s just as good as a full-size printer. You can print anything that’s on your laptop or on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, and do so using a USBcable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Recoil Winders


Tangled cords are the problem and Recoil Winders ($8) are the solution. This revolutionary winder stores your headphones, earbuds and most ‘iDevice’ cables instantly in this tiny pocket-friendly case.


The Awesome Cable


The Awesome Cable ($15) is a premium iPhone charge and sync cable that is designed to deliver the highest quality and priced not to hurt your wallet. The increased thickness of the cable makes it more durable and tangle resistant. The Awesome Cable is 6? long and comes in 5 lustrous colors to provide mobility and gusto to your everyday charging experience.

Magic Feet – Universal Charging Base Station for all your Apple devices

Mobee Magic Feet

The Magic Feet ($140) simultaneously charges your Keyboard and Magic Mouse, or the Trackpad and Magic Mouse. All devices can continue to operate while being charged. The Magic Feet includes one cylindrical battery pack for either the Wireless Keyboard or the Magic Trackpad, and one battery pack for the Magic Mouse.

Royal VKB Table Island Personal Valuables Organizer


The Table Island ($75) in natural cork is perfect for holding all of your personal possessions such as your wallet, keys, mobile, sunglasses and iPad.

Car Qi Wireless Charging Suction Cup


This car or vehicle mounted Wireless Charging Suction Cup is Qi ($50) standard complaint and makes use of magnetic induction to transfer electricity and charge your devices wirelessly. The concept is pretty simple – an electric current running through a coil generates a magnetic field. Bring another coil into this magnetic field, and it works the other way by generating a current that flows through the coil. Long story short, all you have to do is bring your WPC Qi compliant device from companies such as Nokia, Samsung and Motorola close to the charger.

iPhone 5 Magnetic Battery Back Cover


No need for a new cable, works with lightning 8pin iPhone 5 cable! No more looking for outlets to charge your phones! Use it all the time or just when you need to charge your battery ! This magnetic battery back cover ($25) is perfect for travel, airports, conferences, sporting events, and more.

Une Bobine Charger for iPhone 5/5s & 5c


Une Bobine ($40) is a flexible and eclectic stand, sync, and charging cable for iPhone 5, 5s & 5c and iPod Touch.

Elago Wooden iPhone Stand


The elago W Stand ($10) holds the Apple iPhone 5 vertically or horizontally. The stand is made of natural wood construction. The W Stand is angled perfectly for Facetime!

EVOUNI Leather Arc Cover for iPad Mini


Leather Arc Cover ($114) for iPad mini gives a refreshing touch with spectacular upgrades. As the traditional passed on, the material is made out of top grade selected Italian Calfskin leather. As a result, the craftsmanship has raised the overall integrity with the expression of its’ dynamic aesthetics.

iRecorder – Retro Cassette Player Styled Portable Speaker For iPhone


This retro tape recorder ($35) is actually a working speaker for your iPhone! Miss the days of leggings, fluro and leather jackets? Of course you don’t – they have all come back with a vengeance. However, you might be missing your old tape recorder! Now you don’t have to give up your iPhone to be retro cool -the iRecorder is an old-school style speaker for your phone!

Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard

das keyboard

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate ($125) is similar to Model S but completely blank keyboard for bad ass typists and gaming enthusiasts. Efficient typists don’t look at their keyboards. So why do others insist on labeling the keys? Turns out you’ll type faster than you ever dreamed on one of these blank babies. And that’s not to mention its powers of intimidation.