Giveaway: win a promo code for the full version of MacBrickout

On July 26, 2012

MacBrickout for iPhone

The iPhone-optimized MacBrickout takes the familiar core gameplay of Atari’s groundbreaking arcade game Breakout and adds a myriad of interesting twists to it. These consist of special bricks, special balls, and special power-ups, which in the game takes the form of capsules. And the best way to get acquainted with all of these game enhancements is to simply play the game and then play it some more.

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We are giving away 3 promo codes to unlock the full version of the game so that you get free balls, bomb balls, lasers, bonus levels, musical bricks and more. You can also win 3 promo codes that let you unlock all levels so that you don’t need to progress through the levels in their predetermined order. Here is how to enter the contest:

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