GmailSender allows you to change the name of the email sender

On February 18, 2013

GmailSender is a tweak published yesterday in Cydia, and with his help we can change the name of the email sender sent from our terminals. iOS normally does not contain this option and take the information set in your provider’s email account, but this weak implement in the iOS settings menu a new field where you can enter the name you want to see addressed. Unfortunately it currently only works with Gmail email accounts, so don’t use a different email service for this tweak.

Compatible with iOS 5 and 6.  Annoyed at not being able to set the From address on a normal iOS Gmail account? Now you can!  No new icons are added to your home screen – you can find the new “From” field in your Gmail account in the Settings app. Specify multiple senders separated by a space, if you like. This tweak affects apps that use the normal iOS mail support, such as the built-in Mail app. It does not affect the Gmail app.

GmailSender is available in the BigBoss repo of Cydia.