GoGo Case – Review

On February 25, 2009

GoGo makes an iPhone case that is lightweight and durable. It weighs less than 1 ounce and measure less than 1mm thickness, and its probably one of the thinnest iPhone cases on the Market.

Their cases are made from polycarbonate and some of the cases employ a matte finish thats easier to handle than the glossy finish.  All the cases offer an easy snap on aplication, and they have cases available for both 2 and 3G.

Sound like something you might want?  Then read on…

The overall advantage of these cases is that they keep your phone as close to its original form factor as possible and still provide some form of protection. We also like the variety of colors that are available, and even the hand painted butterfly case.

What we don’t like is that the cases do not provide a lot of protection for portions of your phone.  In fact, the actual protection is somewhat limited to the back and sides of the phone, nothing over the screen, nothing along the top and bottom.

Also, even though the color selection is nice on the glossy cases, we perfer the matte case style since it provides the best grip from the bunch.

At a price point of about $20, this case isn’t breaking the bank and as far as size, weight, and colors go, its has a nice selection, but if your looking for complete protection, this should not be your first choice, there are lots of other cases that offer more protection.


Thin, Light, Lots of Color and Texture Choices.


Limited protection to mostly side and back of phone.