Google Glass is Expected to Link with iPhones to Send Text Messages and to Provide Sailing Information

On May 4, 2013

Google Glass provides information directly to users through a particular retina screen screen and is expected to link with iPhones to send text messages and to provide information about sailing. Currently only Android terminal owners can benefit from such functionality and only with a special application, but in future iPhones users would benefit from exactly the same, even without an application.

While Glass will happily work with any iPhone over Bluetooth or use any Wi-Fi connection to get online, iPhone users are currently unable to get turn-by-turn directions through Glass – one of its killer features. Those directions are pretty useful while you are navigating a new city and they do show off the power of location-based apps on Glass, but the software will currently balk if you ask it to give you directions while it’s connected to an iPhone.

Of course no one knows when will Google decide to merge Google Glass with iPhones, but this will happen sooner or later. Given the popularity of glasses and their utility interconnection with the best selling smartphone in the U.S. is certainly a goal that Google has in its view, now only remains to see how it will look when it is implemented.