Google I/O Raises The Bar For WWDC 2013

On May 16, 2013

Last evening Google held Google I/O, a 3:00 conference that Google has presented numerous updates to its services, and a new product. Markets reacted positively to Google news, the company’s shares for the first time exceeded $900 and the value of market capitalization passed 300 billion. Google stunned in a pleasant enough news for many people with Google Maps, Google Now, with the launch of Hangouts application, implementing new service for developers, etc, and has raised the bar for WWDC 2013 which will start on June 10.

Google has strategically placed I/O’s with only a month before WWDC and sent the ball into the court now to Apple to be doing an event at least as spectacular. Apple is preparing to submit iOS 7, OS X 10.9, perhaps new versions of the Mac, but further than that nobody knows if Apple has something amazing. In general WWDC was seen as a very important event in Apple’s hardware, the company’s strategy has changed, but the attention it remained, all tickets priced at $1,600 was sold it in just two minutes.

Given that the world’s eyes are fixed on Apple in the evening of June 10, would the Company manage to present at least as many interesting things as Google? It’s hard to say, it’s possible to see news about Apple Maps, it is possible to see news about Siri, definitely we will see many new things about the iOS 7 and OS X 10.9, but without a new iPhone the world will remain somewhat disappointed. Google has shown that to keep developers and users happy is the need for innovation, the implementation of the news, now remains to be seen whether Apple will make a more interesting WWDC than last year when iOS 6 hasn’t shined.