Google Maps for iPhone on App Store

On December 15, 2012

When Apple changed its Maps application to the one of its own, it took a lot of people by surprise, including Google. It turns out that the Maps application is anything but completed and it is also full of bugs. As a result, Google started developing an application on its own and the result is Google Maps for iPhone. Recently released at the App Store, Google Maps for iPhone is expected to be the missing piece that iPhone users have been looking for.

Some of the important highlights of this application include turn-by-turn navigation, street view and imagery, get routes for train, subway as well as walking and many more. In fact, it also has the most extensive library of businesses worldwide. So you can be sure that you can get to where you want to be more accurately with the Google Maps.

Right now, the application is available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. In addition to that, it is also available in more than 40 countries as well as in 29 different languages. The application is already available on the App Store for free. So be sure to let us know what you think about this new app by Google.