Google Maps optimized for iPad, finally!

On July 18, 2013


Admit it! Google Maps is way better than the Apple Maps. At least I think so and haven’t touched the native Maps since Google rolled out their stand alone app to the App Store.

And here comes the version 2.0 adding few features but with one that has been wished for long. Now, you can see your route on the bigger screen as Google Maps gets optimized for iPad.

That is not all. Enhanced navigation features like live traffic details and accident updates, also finds its way to the app. Find the best around you to eat, drink, sleep and play. Watch out for Google ratings and offers for nearby restaurants and places.


Another feature I found unique is the indoor mapping system which brings “Walking directions for shopping centres, public transport stations, airports and more.”

So even if you don’t have an iPad, this update is worth the download. Get Google Maps from the App Store now, for free.