Google Might Release Chrome App for iOS

On May 19, 2012

Google Chrome is certainly one of the best browsers in the market. In some countries, this browser by Google amounts to almost 44% of the market share in the country. In fact, this light weight browser has also improved a lot as time passes. It was said that Google Chrome is now roughly 7 times faster as compared with the time that it was first released before. It is made available on a lot of platforms although in time, iOS users might find themselves having this browser for their devices.

Porting Chrome to iOS has a lot of challenges and this is mostly due to Apple’s stringent application guideline. Apple requires third-party browsers to be created through the WebKit framework and although Chrome can do that, there are a lot of techniques that it uses which may still violate the App Store guidelines. In addition to that, Apple also makes it not possible for the user to make another application as a default choice which means that all links will still be opened on Safari.

These are just some of the many limitations that come with porting Google Chrome to the iOS. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see the development of this browser as it is still one of the fastest in the market.