Google Now On iOS

On May 2, 2013

Google announced yesterday that the Google Now assistant, one of the most exciting software products launched by the company on the Android platform is now available on the iOS platform in the Google Search application, compatible with both iPhones mobile phones but also tablets.

Google Now gives iOS users using different Google accounts the possibility to use the famous bulletin boards for weather, traffic and other data. Of the 29 panels present in the Android version, 22 have made their way in the iOS version, depriving those who had information on flight tickets or local events. Filled with the powerful Voice Search options that were already implemented in the application, Google Search for iOS is a powerful tool for the Google users who prefer Apple platform.

Because of the iOS architecture, Google Now has a number of limitations that make it less ergonomic than on Android. The service cannot be launched only from within the application, a sad option to those accustomed to open it with a simple gesture, the calendar integrates only events from Google Calendar and full integration with Notification Center will come in a future release.

Google Search app is compatible with iOS 5 and 6, which leads to an ironic situation like this service to be more accessible for the Apple users instead of Google ones because Google Now only run on Android 4.1 or newer, running only on a quarter of terminals used today.