Google releases official Gmail app for iPad and iPhone but later took it off

On November 3, 2011

Until recently, there isn’t any official application for Gmail on both the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone but that all changed when Google released its new official Gmail app. It can be used by all three devices which utilize Apple iOS operating system and is certainly a great app as well.

The Gmail app has numerous ‘time-saving’ features as they have put it. For example, there is a live push notification so that users will know immediately when an email has arrived to their mailbox. Users can also search for any emails much like what they can do on the web version of Gmail and as usual, its signature email auto-complete feature is made available on this app as well.

It is more interesting for iPad users as they can have a split screen so that while emails are being read, the user can take a look at the inbox as well. This increases the efficiency of the application as all could be done quickly.

However, not long after the app has made its way on Apple App Store, Google took it off of it. This is because there is a bug found on the application which makes notifications unusable therefore they are fixing it before releasing a newer version. Expect it to be online soon.