Google Voice App– Amazing!

On November 18, 2008

Well, it may have been delayed by a few days but Google Mobile App with Voice-Enabled Search was released a short while ago. (Thanks for the headsup J3003!)

Was it worth the wait?? You Bet!

For some reason iTunes did not indicate that an update was available so I removed the app from my iPhone, downloaded the Google app in the App Store and resynced my iPhone. There it was- real voice enabled search on my iPhone.


With the voice search you can choose whether or not to include contacts, previous searches and websites. You can also determine whether or not you want suggestions. 

You can also launch a wide range of Google’s apps right from the mobile app- a nice extra.

The real "Wow" though is the voice search and it works amazingly well.

We are headed off on vacation in a few days so I hit the "Voice Search" button and said- "Aruba places to eat". A short time later the search was returned and it was even in iPhone optimized format!

There are some issues, including a lag time before the voice search launches and a few iPhone crashes thus far but even so all I can say is "WOW!"