GoPro app updated to 2.0

On August 1, 2013

If you have followed our blog for a while you will know that I am an avid GoPro user who loves nothing more than to attach the camera to anything and anyone.gopro-app-2


If you are unfamiliar with GoPro, it is a brand that makes durable cameras that capture HD video as well as 4K videos, the camera can also be used for still photography.

Since the launch of the GoPro App back in October I have been watching my videos on the iPhone, however until the recent update you had to watch your videos in realtime. With the new update you can now  now browse the memory card inserted into the GoPro, you can also save and play media on a mobile device, and share any saved clips through email, MMS and social networks like Instagram.


  • Full remote control of all camera functions
  • Live preview for easy shot-framing
  • Instantly view photos and playback videos*
  • Copy photos and videos* to your device, then share via email, text, Instagram™, Facebook® or other apps
  • View the GoPro Photo and Video of the Day

You can download the free app here.