Grand Theft Auto 3 for iOS updated with iPhone 5 widescreen support and iCloud game saves sync

On May 31, 2013


Rockstar Games updated the Grand Theft Auto 3 for the iOS, introducing support for the larger display on iPhone 5. The new update brings with it the possibility of playing custom playlists in-game besides allowing you to sync the game saves between the other iOS devices via iCloud.

Now that iPhone 5 has been out for a while now, it is just the right time for Rockstar to update GTA 3 for a larger display. Nevertheless, we will not compel them into doing that. After all, they’ve been preoccupied with bringing up the stunning Vice City, and possibly working on the tenth release of the mobile’s San Andreas that may likely hit the shelves next year.

Moreover, this update adds support for the custom playlists that offer you the possibility of listening to your own music through the game. To create a custom playlist, simply set up a playlist with the title “GTA3” in your music app, then fill it with different tracks you would like to listen to whilst playing.

With this new update, you will get support for syncing the iCloud game too. This allows you to impeccably, sync your progression on all of your iOS gadgets. Thus, when you complete your iPhone’s missions, you will find it easy to resume the game from the point you left it on the iPad.

Rockstar also promises bug fixes and stability with the update.

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