Great 99 cents app for the win!

On November 24, 2011

Good apps don’t mean that they would cost a lot. There are a lot of applications which are comparable with those that are twice or thrice the price but works just as good. The low pricing of these applications give them advantage as compared with their higher priced competitor application. Here are some great 99 cent apps in Apple App Store.


The camera on the iPhone 4 and 4S is certainly one of the best in the market but Camera+ makes it even better than before. It allows for increased zoom at better clarity, simple photo editing, adding preset effects and many more. For 99 cents, it is definitely worth the price.

360 Panorama

Making 360 degrees panorama shot has never been easier with this application. Through the use of the gyroscope in the iPhone, the user can create a panorama in real-time. The pictures are stitched and once done, the user can immediately publish them. Not bad for an application that costs only 99 cents!

textPlus SILVER Free Texting + Group Text

Why not spend 99 cents as an investment for unlimited texting for free? Users can do so with this textPlus application. It allows users from the US & Canada to text each other for free! Quite worth the money don’t you think?