Great Tips for iPhone Users

On August 20, 2011

The iPhone is definitely one of the best devices one can purchase and the iOS is simply stunning. Every new version of the iOS has new features that have been added by the developers from Apple. However, some of these features are unknown to many although they are available on the Apple website. Some even do repetitive tasks which can be redundant most often than not. Here are some tips that some people may not know of:

Track your iPhone

One of the software that has been added by Apple is the Find My iPhone application. It allows users to, simply put, find their iPhone. Previously, access to this feature is available only after the user purchases the MobileMe software but now, it is available free of charge for devices that were introduced in the year 2010 (iPhone 4). The application itself allows its users to track their phone and wipe it should they feel that it is necessary. It can also notify the user through email should the lost phone be found.

Scroll Top Quickly

What many people may not know is that certain application allows its users to scroll to the top quickly. All you have to do is to tap the status bar at the top of the screen and voila, you’re done. This definitely saves a lot more time than having to swipe the screen multiple times to get to the top of the screen.