The Great WOiP App (and more) Giveaway of 2008

On December 23, 2008

It was clear from the beginning that as terrific as the iPhone’s hardware is, it was the software that was going to make or break the device.

As we bring in 2008 to a close, there’s no doubt that that APPS MAKE THE IPHONE.

So we wanted to end this year with a public thank you to some of the independent developers who are creating the best applications for the  iPhone,  and to you — our valued readers, for this site would be nothing without you.

There are now over 10,000 apps in the iTunes apps store, and over 300 million app have been downloaded; it’s nothing short of amazing.

Having launched whatsoniphone a few weeks prior to the opening of the App Store, we’ve had the opportunity to keep a constant eye on the ins and outs, the good and the bad, the successes and failures and everything in between when it comes to iPhone applications.

And one thing has been a constant — the people who are working hard to create the software for  this powerful new computing platform are creative, open-minded, and often some of the nicest people we’ve had a chance to meet.


Initially I was hoping to give away just a few promotional codes for one or two of our favorite applications. But thanks to many of the independent developers behind some of our favorite apps, we don’t have a few codes, we have got a ton of codes that we will be giving away between now and January 1. That’s right, each day between now and Jan. 1 we will be giving away promotional codes for some of our favorite iPhone an iPod touch applications. Each day the app or apps will change, and the number of codes we have to offer will be different. (And who knows, maybe some days it won’t be just apps we give away!  Wink, wink!)

PLUS- on New Years Eve we’ll give away a super app bundle to one reader.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

An app giveaway will be announced. To enter to win that app you simply need to log into the site with your site user name and leave a comment on that day’s giveaway(s). (An appropriate comment, please.)

That night, at 11pm EST, we’ll randomly draw from the comments and send the promo code to the email address listed on the user account. You can use it, or forward it to a friend if you already have it.

At the same time we’ll announce the next day’s giveaway(s).

The fine print…
–Please log into the site to enter.
–Some giveaways will ONLY be announced on our Twitter feed.
–We apologize in advance, but due to Apple’s restrictions codes are ONLY good for US iTune’s accounts. (We’re not happy about that either.)
–PLEASE, use any codes you receive immediately to ensure they work.

A huge thanks to all the developers who have made this possible… and to all of you who help ensure that whatsoniphone continues to grow.