Half Dead – Review (Potential? – Yes, Potential Achieved?- Nope)

On April 2, 2009

Half Dead is a great example of a game that can be fanastic but is, as of this point, anything but.

Quite honestly I can’t believe they would release this and have the nerve to charge $.99 for the current app.

Here’s why.



When you first start the app it shows you this screen…

They aren’t kidding. Those are the controls and if you don’t remember them you are out of luck since there will be no indicator on the screen as to what and where you should touch or tap. To make matters worse, for some reason they opten to NOT use the iPhone’s accellerometer at all. Odd, very odd.

The good news is that after a bit you do get used to the controllers.

The graphics of the game are excellent and the sound is good. The movement of the player is super smooth on the Touch and good but a bit less smooth on the iPhone. (This is a good case in which the slightly different tweaking on the two devices makes a difference!)

Ther are six targets in the first level. Two monsters, two stationary guns and some gasoline barrels. The goal of the first level is to destroy them all. It took a few tries but, once I got the hang of the controllers, it was fairly easy to pass through the level.

After that you can either exit the game or repeat the level.

Let me write that again and put it in bold this time.

After that you can either exit the game or repeat the level.

You read that correctly. There is currently just one level. One level and it costs $.99.

No, $.99 isn’t a lot of money but one level is what other developers release as their Free Lite version.

In all, this is a good game from a potential standpoint but it should be the free LITE version of the game. It isn’t and for that reason alone I cannot recommend this game.

 As it stands, it is not worth buying. It will be if they continue to develop it.

If you must have it now it can be found HERE.