Handy applications for iPhone users

On August 22, 2011

The Apple App Store comes with hundreds of thousands of applications for the iPhone itself. In fact, a lot of these are handy in many ways. Some people even rely on them in their day to day life. Such is the way that the technology of the iPhone has revolutionized these individuals. Check out some of these extremely useful applications for iPhone users:

Text’n Drive

Everyone knows that texting while driving has some deadly potential. However, with Text’n Drive, users can set their incoming mails to be read out loud by the application. The best thing about this application is that not only will it reduce the chance of getting into an accident, it is also available free of charge.


This application is actually quite famous amongst PC users as it has helped a lot of users to solve problems regarding their PC. What this application does is that it allows other people that the user has approved to gain remote access to their computer. It is secure and is easy to use as well. With this application, users can gain access of their PC from their phone from anywhere in the world.


A fun yet unique way of sharing information such as contacts, music and photos is by using Bump. All that the user needs to do is to choose the information that he or she wishes to share and Bump the phone with another user that uses Bump as well. It is as simple as that and is quite cool in many ways.